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Virtual Staging Services

Virtual Staging

  • Virtual Staging Package (Vacant Space)
  • per images 1-2
  • $55 per image 3-10
  • Includes Luxury Furniture
  • 24 hour turn-around

Virtual De-Clutter

  • De-Clutter Package (Messy Space)
  • per images 1-2
  • $65 per image 3-10
  • Includes Professional Photoshop De-Cluttering
  • 24 hour turn-around

Furniture Swap

  • Virtual Furniture Replacement
  • per images 1-2
  • $75 per image 3-10
  • 3D Studio Max Rendering
  • 24-48 hour turn-around

Room Remodeling

  • Virtual Remodeling (Add/Remove Floor and Wall Treatments)
  • per images 1-2
  • $85 per image 3-10
  • Advanced 3D Studio Max Rendering
  • 48 hour turn-around

Virtual Staging - $65

$55 per images 3-10

Our Virtual Staging package is our most popular package. This package is ideal for vacant units adding tremendous value for little cost.

Virtual De-Clutter - $75

$65 per images 3-10

Our Virtual De-Clutter package is specially tailored for messy spaces that have great potential. If your space is not ready for pictures, No problem. Realty Shoot's Virtual De-Clutter Package can clean any space and make it look amazing.

Furniture Replacement - $85

$75 per image 3-10

Our Virtual Furniture Replacement package is ideal for replacing old, dated or mismatched furniture with luxurious, modern furnishings to set your listing apart. Especially suited for lived in listings.

Room Re-modeling - $99

$85 per image 3-10

The Virtual Room Re-modeling package is ideal for doing complete room make overs. Especially for replacing floor materials, painting walls, replacing wall trims and much more. Show the ultimate potential of any space.


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